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Starbaits Shockleader Weedy Green

When using the lower diameter C.A.M. lines during extreme casting situations always remember to apply a
shock leader. Starbaits Expert Titan Shock Leaders are a superb choice to compliment your C.A.M. line. There
are 4 different Diameters to choose from ranging from 0.40mm (25lb) to a massive 0.70mm (55lb) covering
every possible carp fishing casting scenario. Please always remember to use one of the suggested knots
and always lubricate the knot well with water during tying. This will reduce friction and heat and keep the
strength of the monofilament constant.

Starbaits Shock Leader Weedy Green 0,50mm 80mt €9.50

Starbaits Shock Leader Weedy Green 0.60mm 70mt €9.50

Starbaits Shock Leader Weedy Green 0,70mm 50mt €9.50